My name is Andrea and I love to eat, to cook and to talk about food.

I like to feel with the 5 senses, especially with the sense of smell and touch.

About Andrea Raw

A space for recipes made with plants, minimalism and self-love to live simply and intentionally.

The goal is progress, not perfection.

My 3 pilars

  • Nourish  Eat wholesomely
  • Thrive  Move your body, cultivate self-love and design your life
  • Connect –  Wake up and connect with other humans, animals and the planet

I truly believe, that we are all able to live with abundance in all aspects of our life.

My goal is to do just that, while having a simple life (with few physical possessions), having a positive impact in the planet (low waste, vegan life) and being connected with myself and others (humans, animals and planet)

This is my exercise of personal discovery and an adventure that you can also join! Either joining my journey or actively collaborating! Let’s connect.

I was not proud of my reality, so I am creating a new one.

About me

I was born in this little town in the Mediterranean coast called Calella, near Barcelona. I studied Chemistry and after a crazy Erasmus programme in Berlin I decided to enroll a post-graduate degree about Flavors and Fragrances. Currently I live in the UK, where I work in product innovation, trying to contribute with half of my pepper to transform the Food Industry.

If you still want to know more about me, keep reading…

I was not proud of my reality, so I am creating a new one.


I love nature and I worry about the environment, but I wasn’t spending enough time in it and was not making a priority to have a positive impact in the planet.

I know I can do more things to build a healthier me, but it was easier for me to find excuses than intentions.

I have lots of ideas, but I did not know what to do with them.

I love to improve myself, but self-help books used to give me heebie-jeebies.

I love animals, but I used to eat them.

I know the ingredients of my ideal life, but I was not doing anything to get closer to it.


Now I focus on living life intentionally. Aligned with myself and the things I consider important in life.

Eating lots of colourful plants, the movement of the body, getting to know my innerself and simplifying across my life in general have been key to create my new reality. And I want to share it with you. Here. So, stay around.